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Today, at the times when so-called "Black Metal" scene is full as never with the rueful Talentless beings, pathos Idiots & long-tongued Clowns, when the once Underground Art became available to every narrow inhabitant through internet, when the "involvement" of both listeners & musicians reduced to role-play Games & collecting stuff, when the standard "black metal" gig cannot cause any feedback except anguish or retching, FFFeast Crew are back for the second omni-slaying strike! Some particularities of the local reality did not allow us to do that earlier, but what doesn't kill - make stronger and now we're back with re-newed forces to make you suffer!


Hell Militia
So, in the fall of spring anno 2008, we're awaiting for without any exaggeration the Arch-portentous Event - the first performance on Russian land of those whose names are known to any at least a bit self-respecting estimator of the Black Art, those who kept the Flame of European underground Black Metal for years, those who proudly carried the banner of Our Victory 'til these days - one of the most significant representatives of the French scene - HELL MILITIA! The band formed in relatively not so far 2001, immediately received the Cult status, not in the last reason because of the line-up uniting the representatives of the five Black/Death Metal bands, softly speaking, well-known in close (and not very close) circles, namely ANTAEUS, ARKHON INFAUSTUS, MUTIILATION, TEMPLE OF BAAL & VORKREIST!!! The band never pursued the purpose of releasing numerous records, thus has realized to this day only split-7" EP (with ANTAEUS, ETERNAL MAJESTY, DEVIANT; SpikeKult Rex, 2001), rehearsal demo "The Second Coming" (Left Hand Path, 2003) and a full-length album "Canonisation Of The Foul Spirit" (Total Holocaust, 2005). But live performances were always important for HELL MILITIA, and they do not cease to confirm the highest authority of the band among underground Black Metal apologists. Useless to mention that their concerts unite all traditional Black Metal attributes, which along with serious stage-experience, great musicianship & fanatical devotion causes one of the most intense and extreme performances to witness in Black Metal in general. Yes, that has come true - after numerous failed attempts to find the date in the dense performing schedule & gather the band for Russian outburst - that did finally happen! On 24th May of this year the living Cult will step on the Plan-B stage in order to tear to shreds the souls of those who will dare to behold the true Black Metal in all its Greatness & Morbidity!

Certainly, we haven't missed the subject of the decent support for this Event, which was not so easy to solve, because of almost absolute absence of the full-value live line-ups in Russia performing in the "genre" and at the same time being worth of anything else than sharing stage with Penkin or Moiseev.

Fortunately, the last years bring some positive changes. The Event will be supported by three deeply underground, but dedicated and talented formations, namely BAAL ZEBUTH (Stavropol), STORMING DARKNESS (Saransk) TEITANFYRE (Pskov).

BAAL ZEBUTH, formed in mid-1997, has dedicated themselves to active live performances since very beginning of the band 'til present days, manifesting all the might and supremacy of Black Metal on southern-Russian scene. After release of two full-length albums "Unholy Baal Zebuth" (2004, Macabre Prod) & "We Are Satanas" (2006, Oskorei) the band proved to be one of the strongest Black Metal formations coming from the depths of Russian cellars. The band is often judged as the strongest Russian live Black Metal act in due circles, whose rich stage experience always went hand by hand with the deep involvement of the members to all what is fundamental for the Black Cult. The band will perform their second gig in Moscow after almost eight years since their first appearance here!

That'll be enough to mention, that this time STORMING DARKNESS will perform with two guitars in line-up! Formed in 1999 and marked the underground with few demos and split-LP with SIGILLUM DIABOLI (2006, Blasphemous Underground), the band released a debut full-length entitled "Sin-thesis" through the US-based Knightmare Recordings in early 2008, which objective advantages need no comments. Those who had luck to witness the bands only performance back in 2005 can be sure that now this Atrocity has reached even higher level.

Storming Darkness

Baal Zebuth
Baal Zebuth

Speaking of TEITANFYRE for the uninitiated part of the auditorium all that is need to be said is that it is a project of BLACK WOOD (Russian BM veterans) and GEHANGTER J*DE members. The band was formed in the end of 2006 under MOLEST banner (with slightly different line-up) and was witnessed live at some local underground gigs since that. TEITANFYRE have one rehearsal demo and currently finishing the mastering of EP "With cathedral Carrion". TEITANFYRE preaches Orthodox old-school Black Metal, deriving inspiration from SLAYER, MAYHEM, DESTRUCTION, BLASPHEMY, PROTECTOR...


As a conclusion that would be appropriate to remind that such Events will remain extraordinary in Russia for a long time, that's why we don't have another way out, but to spread the word in order to exclude the maximum chances that representatives of the target auditorium won't get know of the forthcoming Action in advance. We absolutely realize what kind of public often attends metal gigs. But we already have a poor experience of the conscious limitation in spreading of information. That's why we address to all who belongs to the Theme - SPREAD THE WORD, as the other chance could never take place once again. Never.

In the Glare of the forth-coming Fire,
FFFeast Crew

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split-7" EP w/ ANTAEUS, ETERNAL MAJESTY, DEVIANT [SpikeKult Rex] 2001
The Second Coming rehearsal-demo [Left Hand Path] 2003
Canonisation Of The Foul Spirit [Total Holocaust] 2005


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24th May 2008

Doors open 18.00
Foreign visitors: contact FFFeast for details


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